Thursday, August 21, 2014

day two: Bear Creek to west of Platte, in burn area, 8/13/14

about 10 miles.

late start after the first tent night, it's always an adjustment.

met a few other thru hikers and thru bikers.  mtn biking the whole trail would be a blast, one guy said he planned on 12 days to do it.

heading out of Bear Creek was hot and humid, which meant lots of wild raspberries growing along side trail- which we ate up.

ate lunch at Platte river and soaked our feet.  at this point I had 8 fucking blisters. and I did break my boots in.

after lunch we headed into segment two of the trail through the Buffalo Creek Burn Area.  once we climbed up, the weather changed and we got caught in a lighting rainstorm, so we hung out in a gully for an hour before moving on.

as we moved on - the area became more exposed and the storm came back, so we set up camp for the night in another gully.  we trenched out our tent in case of downpours.

cheebie crossing the Platte.

our gully campsite, so we don't get struck by ⚡️⚡️.

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