Thursday, August 21, 2014

day three: Buffalo Creek Burn Area to Morrison Creek, 8/14/14

12 miles

woke up in gully, dry!

hiking through burn area was obviously v hot and sun exposed.  lots of caterpillars. lots of looking at the ground, to avoid staring into sun.

as we hit the second portion of the burn area it started to drizzle and the sun went away.  this area was beautiful and we were happy to enjoy it with some cloud cover.

this is either little or long scraggy peak.

made it to the Buffalo Creek Fire Station and filled up our water.  thunder and lightning started up so we rain geared up and hustled into the woods.

sun came out. basically the moment you put on your pack cover and rain gear the sun will come out.

little scraggy trail was nice, had hiked this before in the winter and hated it, for some reason, but it's now lush.

set up camp at Morrison Creek, campsite  had a cave that we peered into, but stayed out of.

 C hydrating. sun out, pack cover on.

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