Monday, October 13, 2014

day four: Morrison Creek to Lost Creek, 8/15/14

14 miles

nice easy start to the day, working down to Buffalo Creek.

ate lunch at the river, soaked feet, prepped for climb.  climb turned out to be super hot, sunny, and pretty exposed.  i hiked with headphones, listening to music, and it made the climb much more manageable.

sat and ate lunch at Rolling Creek TH and entered into segment 4.

segment 4 starts with a solid climb up an old rocky logging road.  it started to rain, of course, so we suited up.  the trail worked it's way through a giant aspen grove, which shined yellow while we hiked through sun showers.  these sun showers became one of the our high points on the trail, they were beautiful.

camped on a ridge at Craig Creek.  planned a zero day for tomorrow, but we're going to move a few miles to a more open campsite and take a short day.

Scraggy Peak
C keeping us legal and getting a permit at Lost Creek

 the logging road, if only I had taken a picture during the sunshowers

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